Weightlifting shoes concerns : a case against bad footwear choices

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Specific sport training is a double edged sword

Olympics Day 11 - Weightlifting


Weightlifting is a sport where your best performance has to happen on a very specific date – the competition day. On that day, the lifter has three attempts in each movement (The snatch and the Clean and jerk). This make it similar to other event-type sports, like boxing, where proper strategies have to be used so that the sportmen is in top shape on that given date. Simply put, the lifter cannot/should not put in a bad performance because competitions dates are limited. A specific approach has to be used to peak at the right moment. However, specific training comes with drawback – such as increased risks of injuries.

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On the topic of weightlifting-related injuries

Photography by Rob Macklem

Photography by Rob Macklem

As a practitioner of weightlifting or as a coach,  you always have to answer questions that are related to weightlifting injuries. For the most part, the only promotion weightlifting ever get in mainstream press (at least in North America) is in relation to injuries which, in turn, promote weightlifting as an unsafe sport. The general population is thus exposed to extraordinary events and make the conclusion that injuries are happening more commonly than in any other sports. Many opinions are shared and few facts are stated. I would like to change that. This article is a very in-depth look at the injuries rates and types in sport.

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