Considerations for coaching crossfit athletes

-The popularity of Crossfit, as a mean of general training and fitness, has created (at least momentarily) ¬†interest for the sport of weightlifting. Whether I/we like crossfit or not, the fact of the matter is that a lot of crossfiters are seeking weightlifting coaching or looking to make the switch to the ”dark side”. As a matter of fact, most lifters I’m involved with at the moment come from a crossfit background. Coming from such a ”general” background to such a specialized training comes with a need to adapt. Here are some of the considerations for coaching weightlifting to crossfiters. These considerations are based on my experience and may not be reflective of the majority of crossfiters, but there are still lessons to take from this.

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REVIEW :American Weightlifting The Documentary

537795_1410956652449911_1296558090_nAbout two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch the upcoming documentary ”American weightlifting” made by Greg Everett (See interview here). I wanted to review this documentary because weightlifting documentary are a rarity (there is Strong!¬†and that’s pretty much it). It includes many interviews with mainly american coaches and seeks to highlight unique aspects of weightlifting : training, competition, older athletes coming from another sport, history of some clubs and many reasons why the USA have a hard time on the international stage. Below is my review of the positive and negative (because nothing is ever perfect) of this great effort by Everett.

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