Below is a list of contributions I have made for other sites.  Included are guest posts,  interviews and photography.


 Articles :

All things GymProgramming Training Intensity for Weightlifters

The WodLife (AUS): Five tips for the Snatch

The WodLife (AUS)Seven Tips to Maximize results of weightlifting for Crossfit

Team USA (USAW) : The importance of stability for weightlifting performance and how to achieve it

Team USA (USAW) : Maximal neuromuscular power depends on specific Characteristics of the central nervous system (Nov 13-13)


Podcast :

Weightlifting Scoop :


Interviews :

The Training Geek : The man behind 

Fusion Weightlifting : Weightlifting talk with First Pull part 1
Weightlifting talk with First Pull part 2


Photography :

First Pull’s FB : La classique 2014