How to beat Rich Froning and win the Crossfit games

488173_426145280757910_359508589_nThis title is quite the tease, but it is still a decent question. First Pull is – and will always be- a site dedicated to weightlifting and to some extent physical preparation (since most of the weightlifting concepts and training methodologies are revelant when training for another sport). This piece is about taking a look at Crossfit from a sport training point of view. Everything touched here applies to all sports, including Crossfit and Weightlifting. It’s old news that Crossfit became a fitness sport. Crossfit motto is that “constantly variedhigh– intensity, functional movement.” lead to fitness and high results. While its hard to argue against this, it is easy to argue against the preached general methodology in favor of a specialized approach. 

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Ask First Pull Friday : Do you like crossfit?

6319721797_15bcc27dcc_bReader Dave, like many others who I have been involved with, inquired about my opinion of crossfit. Indeed, in the past many crossfitters have commented or sent me a message through facebook to ask what I think of what is probably the most popular ”workout sport” at the moment. This post has nothing sciency about it, although it has some punch to it. This is rare – so enjoy it-  that I am publishing an opinion piece on this topic. 

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Considerations for coaching crossfit athletes

-The popularity of Crossfit, as a mean of general training and fitness, has created (at least momentarily)  interest for the sport of weightlifting. Whether I/we like crossfit or not, the fact of the matter is that a lot of crossfiters are seeking weightlifting coaching or looking to make the switch to the ”dark side”. As a matter of fact, most lifters I’m involved with at the moment come from a crossfit background. Coming from such a ”general” background to such a specialized training comes with a need to adapt. Here are some of the considerations for coaching weightlifting to crossfiters. These considerations are based on my experience and may not be reflective of the majority of crossfiters, but there are still lessons to take from this.

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