Interview with the man behind LiftHard

Kirksman, the man behind LiftHard

Kirksman, the man behind LiftHard

First Pull was created as effort to promote weightlifting, especially in Canada. It is also an effort to gather knowledge in one place and make it available to everybody. Many perspectives of the same topics are always interesting and necessary to the advancement of athletics. Since the weightlifting world doesn’t have a real good magazine to do that, I would like First Pull to serve that purpose. Consequently, one of the best ways to get many perspectives on the same topics is to interview coaches and athletes. I would like to do that monthly.

 So today is interview one, la première, numero uno! I’m pretty excited about that. The interviewee is Kirksman from Kirksman writes thought provoking article on his website and engage in many discussions on his facebook (Link). He publishes a lot of content that is related to the Chinese weightlifting methodology since he has witnessed a lot of it. Indeed, being from Malaysia, he trained under Coach Wu (Among other coaches), a former Chinese National winner. He regularly travels abroad to coach and hold seminar. He does have some pretty interesting things to say.

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