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FP interviews Olympian Marie-Ève Beauchemin Nadeau (69/75kg, Canada).

141 clean and jerk at Classique du Quebec.

This is a well timed interview as Marie-Ève just won the Gold medal at the Commonwealth Games only a few days ago. Marie-Ève is an incredible athlete who has quite an interesting story to tell. Her achievements are many. On top of the Gold medal she won at the 2014 CWG (75kg category), she claimed a silver medal at the 2010 CWG in the same weight category. At the 2012 Olympic Games, she finished 8th and won her group (B group). She is consistently rank top 15 in the Worlds as well. Her story is one of perseverance, hard work, and passion… and is quite inspiring. We discuss technique, sport training vs weightlifting, how training evolves through the years, training conditions and more.

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Interview with Anaïs Michel (48kg, FRA), 9th at the 2013 Worlds

I had the pleasure to interview Anaïs Michel (France) who has been rising to the top in the last few years. Her accomplishments in 2013 alone are amazing : She finished in 4th position at the Mediterranean games, in 9th position at the Worlds,  and in 5th position at the Europeans. She was 7th at the 2012 Europeans, 15th at the 2011 Worlds, and 7th at the 2010 Europeans. hopefully this interview can steer the spotlight on french weightlifters, who have been performing well in recent years.

Without further ado… here is the interview with Anaïs Michel


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Straight bar paths are not the norm nor needed for success in weightlifting : Review of the scientific litterature

Perhaps it is just semantics or it’s the popular obsession with bar paths that led me to write this article. Anyhow, If you are a weightlifter, then you live and die by the principle that at all time the barbell should be close to your body. For one, the closer it is, the more mechanical leverage you have : You and the barbell become what we call the barbell-lifter complex. The barbell-lifter complex has a center of gravity of its own, meaning that the heavy barbell pulls the lifter forward and the lifter is exerting tremendous force to not let it happen.

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Interview with Christine Girard, bronze medalist in London 2012

Christine snatching 105kg at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, credit @ VancouverSun

It goes without saying that I am very excited to publish today’s interview. I had the chance to interview a very talented Canadian women weightlifter who happens to have nice perspectives to offer on many weightlifting-related topics.

Christine Girard is the first Canadian woman weightlifter to receive an Olympic Medal (3rd place in London in the 63kg category, 4th in Beijing). She has also won many medals in competitions like the Commonwealth games and Pan American championship. Above anything, Christine is a very nice and humble person who was kind enough to answers my questions.

Before proceeding to the interview, I would like to point out that Christine’s club is on facebook [link] and that she has a website [link]. She is now offering services such as seminars, personal coaching and public speaking which the reader can find information about on her website.

With no further ado… here is the interview.

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Interview with Greg Everett

It is now time for a third interview. Greg Everett is the owner of Catalyst Athletics. which was founded in 2006. He is a weightlifting coach, an author (he has written 2 books and writes the Performance Menu journal) and, as of lately, he is also a (weightlifting) documentary maker. Indeed Greg will be releasing his new documentary called ”American Weightlifting”  very soon and I had the chance to see it. I will publish my review of the documentary tomorrow, so make sure to check it out. 

Without further ado… Here is the interview with Greg Everett

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The technique of women weightlifters : Biomechanical improvement through the years.

credit : Laurence Griffiths

I wrote earlier about the special conditions women have in the sport of weightlifting as well as important notions to be considered in planning their training. Since then, I have been contacted by many to expand on one of the point I made in the article. The point was that the constant improvement of women weightlifters over time is due to the improvement of their technique as well the use of gender based programs. In this article, I will review three studies that have been conducted that could be explaining this type of improvement.

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On women and weightlifting

Maryse Turcotte @ collectionscanada

Although there are some stories about  women wanting to compete in weightlifting from the 60’s, the inclusion of women in ”serious” weightlifting competitions events  is ”recent”. Before the Olympic Games of 2000, women could not lift at the Olympics. The first presence of women in world weightlifting championships was in 1987. For such a recent participation in the sport, women are showing constant progress with many world records being beaten every year. I want to illustrate the special conditions women have, especially in our case (in Canada), in regard to weightlifting and discuss a few consideration.

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